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Become an Affiliate: Earn 50% From Course Sales

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How to Become an Affiliate

Step 1:

Create GumRoad Account

The first step is to create an account on Gumroad. Please, visit the following link to get started, Then, please confirm your account, and take note of the e-mail address you used to sign-up. This e-mail will be the same e-mail address you will use to sign-up as an affiliate.

Step 2:

Pay Your Fee

Pay your one-time affiliate fee of $30. We are assessing this fee to manage affiliates better and ensure we are only working with committed people.

Step 3:

Check Your E-Mail

Our Operations Manager, Brittany, will add you as an affiliate. This process will take 24 hours to complete. Check your e-mail. Within 24-72 hours, Gumroad will send you an e-mail with links to promote our courses.

Step 4:

Using Your Link

We encourage you to use your affiliate link in your social media bios, e-mail signatures, text message signatures, Instagram auto-replies, and on your LinkTree page. Then, when a buyer uses your link to complete a sale, you will earn your commission.

Step 5:

Win, Win, Win!

As an affiliate, you will receive 50% of each sale. In addition, you will be paid each Friday automatically from Gumroad.


You have permission to use any photos or video content we post online or provide to you as an affiliate. Still, you cannot pretend to be anyone at Jo'van Consulting, You Love Deals, or any such related company. 

No refunds will be issued. Please read the above carefully.

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Access to become an affiliate and earn 50% on each sale you make without any caps.


Become an Affiliate: Earn 50% From Course Sales

0 ratings
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